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Time + Tide Nsolo, South Luangwa, Zambia

Updated: Jan 6

Zambia is one of those countries that offers something for everyone. An absolute gem boasting a HUGE variety of places to see and activities to enjoy.

This country continues to blow me away with every visit, from its diversity of animals, plants, rich culture, and mostly her people. South Luangwa is Zambia's oldest and perhaps most prolific National Park with world-class game viewing and endless opportunities to immerse yourself in nature.

Being a landlocked country, Zambia is home to several endemic species such as the Cooksons Wildebeest, Crayshaw Zebra, and Thornicroft Giraffe.

Nsolo is a typical bush camp with a touch of magic. Wonderfully intimate with only 5 safari tents/reed chalets all on raised walkways and within reach of the seasonal Luwi river.

There is constant action around the camp, the dry river bed serves as a bit of an animal highway which was one of my best attractions about this little camp, I could sit in the open-air lounge for hours just watching the fun unfold in front of me. Nsolos remote location offers some of the best walking safaris and game drives and if you are really wanting something special, I would HIGHLY recommend their signature activity, a sleep out under the stars.

If you are a rather nervous traveller and not completely comfortable with rustic luxury, I would not recommend Nsolo for you, don’t get me wrong, I think EVERYONE should experience a bush camp like this, but there are other lodges we could recommend that will be slightly more comfortable and still offer the same exceptional wildlife experience.

My game experience at Nsolo and pretty much throughout Zambia was just different, there is always something going on, and with some of the most insanely knowledgeable guides and game scouts, each activity is so rewarding. Being big game country and seeing a couple of angry hippos fighting over the last bits of water at the end of the dry season, I was a little nervous to head out on a walking safari, Never have I ever felt so safe. Game viewing in a car is one thing, but on foot, you realise just how much you actually miss. As nervous as you may feel starting out, the professionalism of your guide will soon have you relaxed and enjoying every single step and probably prefer it to a game drive.

For those of our readers who have had the privilege of going on safari know that dining is as important as your game viewing. Food at these remote bush camps is out of this world, sometimes better than larger establishments. I was constantly in awe of the freshness of each meal and the creativity with which each meal was presented.

I don't have to touch on game viewing as it really feels like you are stepping into a David Attenborough documentary. The scenery is as enthralling as the wildlife and honestly felt like a dream at times. There is only one way to experience Zambia, and it's going there yourself.

We have created an example itinerary that you can view here which includes some of our favourite lodges and areas of Zambia.

It does look like a lot of travelling, I know, but it is worth E.V.E.R.Y single road transfer and charter flight. Trust me.....

If you want a little more information on Zambia, you can read our previous blog here.

If you're planning to travel to Africa and Zambia, best start now.

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