Why Book with Us?

Between Cara and Sian, we have over 40 years’ experience in the travel industry. We save you time which seems to be more valuable than the money we will save you too. All our itineraries are 100% tailor-made to suit your specific requests as well as make travelling with young children simple and easy. We are certainly no cookie cutter operation – every itinerary is unique in its offering. 

​For our South African clients where possible, we will come and do in house consultations when convenient, otherwise WhatsApp or skype calls are always an option at a convenient time. For our foreign guests, we will work around your time zones and make planning your holiday as easy as possible. 

As Zafaris is located in Cape Town, South Africa, all our guests will be on the same time zone which makes it very easy for you to contact us at any time while travelling, should you have any emergencies or questions or, just to tell us what an amazing time you are having. 

Travelling Around Africa

We are fortunate in Southern and East Africa as well as the Indian Ocean islands that everything is

VERY accessible to a degree. Private Charter flights, Road transfers, Luxury rail, self-driving, boat transfers as well as scheduled domestic and regional flights are all on hand, and often all included, depending on the complexity of your itinerary. Of course depending on your budgets, we will make use of the most affordable options to suit your tailor made itinerary. 

Due to some of the remote locations, smaller airports will not have frequent flights, sometimes

1 per day or even as little as 3 per week. Therefore it is vital to have exact dates to make sure we can

plan your itinerary perfectly.  


There will be various luggage restrictions depending on your mode of transport and we will explain

this to you in detail as we plan your holiday. 

Connecting Countries in Africa

Now that you know Africa is very accessible, we do our utmost to make sure you can maximize your
valuable time while on holiday and spend very little time in airports or in transit. Most locations you can connect all on the same day especially when travelling throughout Southern Africa. We never recommend trying to combine both Southern and East Africa in one itinerary as it is costly and often you may need a
dead night or two which cuts into your travel time. Of course, at Zafaris anything is possible, and we will do
our best to make your travel dreams come true.  

Examples of same day connections:

Cape Town, Kruger National Park, Victoria Falls and Botswana
 Namibia, Victoria Falls, Botswana and Cape Town
 Cape Town, Kruger National Park and Mozambique
 Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Cape Town
 Zambia and Malawi  

Connectivity  Phones | Wifi

Areas close to main cities all have good connectivity, Wi-Fi and cell phone signal. Most of the game reserves will have limited connectivity when it comes to cell phone signal. There will also be limited Wi-Fi connectivity due to remote locations, but please do not worry as there is always an emergency option for contacting friends or family either via the lodges and accommodation or ourselves.

Travel Documentation

We make sure that we provide you with some of the most comprehensive travel documentation from

start to finish. All our itineraries and final travel documents are available online or from your mobile or tablet. For those not too tech savvy, we will happily provide you with PDF or word documents that you will be able to view on your Desktop or Laptop.

For all our guests, we will email your final detailed itinerary, vouchers and e-tickets at least 1 month prior to your departure. We have partnered with a brilliant flight team who will send your boarding passes to you 24 hours prior to departure so, all we will need is your contact number so that we can Whatsapp or send them to you on your mobile. There are times when the airline will not allow online check in and we will advise
you directly. All you will do is use your e-tickets that we send to you and collect your boarding pass at the airport directly. Simple!

Safety in Africa

Despite all the negative press that Africa often receives, we do our utmost to send you to the safest

parts of our continent. Like anywhere else in the world, be vigilant and please don’t walk around with cameras, diamonds and thousands of $$$$ dripping off you. Cities are where you are most at risk so please use some common sense.

For any activities in and around the cities we like to recommend the use of a private guide specifically when you are climbing our beautiful mountains. Private guides are also a great way to experience the local knowledge which really enhances your stay. Should you prefer to explore on your own and enjoy a bit of freedom, please check with us first so that we can advise you of any unsavoury places.

Self-driving around Southern Africa (South Africa and Namibia) is generally very safe and again, we will recommend these particular routes to you depending on your itinerary. Self-driving is certainly one of the best ways to explore our beautiful country, but should you not feel comfortable there are many modes of transport to utilise as mentioned above. Of course, the safest way to travel will be flying.

When staying in various accommodations around Southern and East Africa as well as the Indian Ocean Islands, you are perfectly safe even though the lodges may seem rather remote. All your lodge managers and guides will make 100% sure that your safety is not compromised in any way.

Visa Information

Please ensure that you verify this information independently with the relevant embassy, high commission or consulate as Zafaris cannot be held liable for any errors. Please feel free to ask us questions and we will do our best to advise you accordingly. Visas are not our expertise, but we know enough to offer you the basic information. Most nationalities can purchase visas on arrival at the main ports of entry. Please check with us beforehand if there is anything you are not sure of. 

Travelling with Children

Please be sensitive to the fact when you are travelling with young children that most lodges throughout Southern and East Africa will not allow children on game drives if they are under the age of 5 or 6. It differs greatly from lodge to lodge as well as if you have sole use vehicles or not, so again, please check with us as well as provide us with the exact ages of your children so that we can recommend the best possible option for your families. There are plenty of family friendly options so don’t let this scare you away. 


Southern Africa is wonderful for a family holiday. Please give it some thought if you are happy to take your children into malaria areas or not, there are plenty areas in and around South Africa that are

malaria free and perfect for families.   

Fortunately the requirements for children travelling throughout South African ports of entry have recently been relaxed.  Certain documents are still required and we will provide you with further information well in advance.

Packing for Africa

If it’s your first time travelling to Africa, packing for an extended itinerary might seem a bit daunting. But the great news is, you already own most of the essentials. On safari it’s easy to feel comfortable, keep it laid back and to look great. Our packing guides are all about practicality. Should you manage to pack really well, there may even be a little space for a few gifts for the loved ones back home. 



Warm jacket for morning and evening game drives

Gloves (winter months)




Camera gear


Socks, pack extra as they can get dirty when on safari


Comfortable walking shoes

Cotton t-shirts/shirts neutral colours

Shorts/swim shorts

Smart-casual clothes and shoes for dinner

Insect repellant

Flip flop sandals for around the pool or lodge areas

Warm jacket for morning and evening game drives

Gloves (winter months)




Camera gear

Comfy shoes

Cotton tank tops or vests in neutral colours

Socks, pack extra as they can get dirty when on safari


Beanie/Buff/ Lightweight scarf, great for layering

Yoga pants/cargo pants/long trousers/Shorts

Mini day bag for essentials like lip ice, sunscreen, cell phone etc

Comfortable sports bra as the roads in Africa are bumpy

Swimwear and flip flop sandals for around the pool or lodge areas

The Fine Print

We have both a South African bank account for ZAR payments as well as USD Global account for our USD payments.  All transactions can either be done via bank transfers or online payment links, whichever suits you best.

Terms and Conditions 

Once Zafaris have confirmed to you that your required dates are available, you will be required to lay down a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total of your itinerary cost as well as full payment of your flights within 7 days in order to confirm your reservation.


Failure to pay this deposit within the 7 days of confirmation will result in your reservation automatically being cancelled. Please note that due to peak travel dates, our suppliers may demand a higher deposit and therefore you will be notified accordingly. It is the client’s responsibility to inform and instruct their banking institution that the net invoice amount must equal the funds clearing into the Zafaris bank account and that all the bank charges are for the client’s bank account.


The balance of your payment must be made 8 weeks (60 days) prior to the date of your departure.

Failure to comply with the deposit and balance payment requirements may result in an automatic cancellation of your reservation.


Bookings made within 8 weeks (60 days) prior to your departure are subject to full payment of the entire itinerary amount at the time of confirming the reservation.

Payment can be made by Credit Card direct into our South African Bank account with a credit card fee attached, alternatively a bank transfer in either US Dollars ($) or South African Rands (ZAR).

Proof of bank transfer payment must be e-mailed to the Zafaris sales team as soon as the transfer is complete, in order for us to confirm your booking.


It is strongly advised that you take out travel insurance to cover the possibility of cancellation. Most of the properties we use insist that guests have travel insurance.

Our Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation of a confirmed itinerary will result in the following cancellation charges, payable by you:


  • Cancellation prior to 8 weeks of travel: Your full 20% deposit is forfeited.

  • Cancellation 8-4 weeks prior to your departure: 50% of the total cost is forfeited.

  • Cancellation less than 4 weeks prior to departure: 100% of the tour cost is forfeited.


No refunds will be made for any portions of the itinerary unused due to a cancellation or change made by participants themselves whilst travelling.


Zafaris shall treat all personal information you give to us as strictly confidential and no personal information will be made available to third parties, unless obliged to do so by law or legal processes.


When you forward personal information including your name, e-mail address and mailing address to us, Zafaris will never make this information available to third parties neither will we ever sell it to third parties for any reasons whatsoever.

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