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Zafaris Most Remote Walking Trails - Part 1......

Updated: May 4, 2020

Klaserie Sands Safari Trails

There are many walking safaris throughout Southern and East Africa, but for us, these 7 were our absolute favourite and ones that we have personally experienced. I am 100% sure we will be adding a lot more to the list as and when we explore the many more options out htere – please let that be soon as I have inspected every single inch of my home the last month and there is AB-SOLUTELY nothing new in here other than an empty wine wrack (insert extreme sadness emoji here)!!!

Let’s start with our beloved South Africa and introduce our first 3 great trails where there will be absolutely no trace of COVID-19 only fresh air, incredible scenery, wild animals, no connectivity and hopefully not a fridge in sight!

1. Klaserie River Safari Trails, Timbavati Game Reserve, South Africa

For those of you who are following us on Instagram and Facebook, we have showcased Klaserie Sands Safari Trails as well as her sister camp, Klaserie Sands River Camp. Perfectly blending serenity, luxury and adventure, this exclusive camp offers guests a deep and rich immersion in untouched nature within the wildlife-rich Greater Kruger National Park.

In the cacophony of chaos post COVID-19, many travelers are searching for a holiday experience that offers more than an escape from the every day life. There is a yearning for stillness and re-connection that many traditional vacation outlets are unable to deliver.

Comprising four spacious tents built into the banks of a riverbed, the camp provides an oasis of luxury amidst the untamed beauty of the surrounding Kruger wilderness. Offering unprecedented intimacy, Klaserie Sands Safari Trails guests have exclusive access to the vast area's abundant animal paths, hidden valleys, riverbeds and towering peaks.

2. Waterberg Walking Safaris, Welgevonden Game Reserve, South Africa Next up, Induna trails bush walking safaris conducted in the unspoiled Welgevonden Big 5 wilderness game reserve, here you will experience nature up close on foot and, back to nature while still enjoying the comforts of an authentic safari.

There is also the opportunity to enjoy horse trails in the Waterburg which will be slightly more relaxing...don't worry, it takes place outside the big 5 areas so you are 100% safe in that regard.

Instead of the norm of walking to your tented camp each day, you will be able to enjoy the luxury of Matingwe Lodge as well as the additional activities that are on offer. The main attraction of Welgevonden is the close proximity to Johannesburg allowing a quick retreat from Johannesburg for a group of friends and family.

3. The Pondo Trail, Wild Coast, South Africa This was certainly a part of South Africa that we were so excited to explore and with the most beautifully rugged and unspoiled coastlines that I have had the privilege to enjoy. Around every corner is another breath-taking view and combined with rivers, beautifully warm seas and rock pools, I could have walked along this coast for days.

The trail is in the region of 5 days starting at Mtentu which is approximately 3.5 hours South of Durban (depending on the road conditions) and ending at Manteku. This really encapsulates the very best that the Wild Coast has to offer.

Each day is professionally guided to ensure the safety of the group as well as offering a genuine Pondoland experience. Harvesting oysters and mussels off the rocks, making bread, collecting berries, diving for crayfish and of course enjoying an ice cold beverage at the end of a great day are just some of the experiences on offer. The rich Pondo culture and history will also be shared, together with many wonderful tales of adventure, shipwrecks and survival that have taken place on this coastline.

Husband and wife team, Matt and Cam Botha, as well as their incredible staff that make up Wild Child Africa have got an exceptional thing going here. We encourage everyone who reads this to add this trail to your bucket list. Rally up a great team of friends and family and book this as an exclusive walk. We would certainly do it again in a heart beat.

Stay tuned for part 2 which includes 4 more trails in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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